Orange County Private Hard Money Mortgage Lenders

Below is a list of bridge lenders that will lend against residential and commercial real estate throughout Orange County, including Anaheim, Santa Ana, Orange, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Laguna Hills, Laguna Beach, Tustin, Fullerton and other neighborhing cities. These private lenders offer short-term bridge loans for a property acquisition, refinance, equity cash out, rehab, or construction. Click here for other counties in Southern California. Click on a private lender's name below to see their criteria and contact information.
Lender Name   Property Types Loan Types Amount Max. LTV Rates  
Noelle W. Residential, Commercial, Land Purchase, Refi, Rehab, 2nd's, Owner & Non-Owner Occ. $20K - $5M 75% 7.99 - 15%
Sasha M. Residential and Commercial Purchase, Refi, Cash Out, Rehab, Construction, 1st only $250K - $10M 70% 8 - 12%
Elliot S. Commercial and Residential Refi, Cash Out, Purchase, 1st or
2nd Trust Deed, Construction
$1M - $10M 75% 7.99 - 15%
Carl M. Residential and Commercial Purchase, Refi, Cash Out, Owner & Non-Owner, 1st & 2nd TD $50K - $2M 70% 8 - 12%
Larry P. Commercial, Residential, Land Purchase, Refinance, Bridge Loan, Rehab, Construction $400K - $10M 70% 7.99 - 10.99%
Vance H. Residential and Commercial Purchase, Refinance, Cash Out Equity, Bridge Loans $200K - $7M 65% 8 - 12%
Sohail Z. Commercial and Residential Acquisition, Equity Cash Out, Refi, Construction, Rehab, Notes $1M - $10M 65% 7.0 - 9.25%

Click on a lender's name to see their guidelines and contact information.  You can call or email them directly.

Recently Funded Hard Money Bridge Loans for Real Estate in Orange County:

Newport Beach  -  $3,570,000  -  Bridge Loan for Acquisition of Multiple Properties

property photo Lender: Jerry D.

$3.57M private money bridge loan for the acquisition of multiple investment properties in Newport Beach, Orange County. The collateral includes a 16-room boutique hotel with ground floor restaurant, a four-plex, and beach-side cottage. The Borrower purchased the pool of properties for $7,140,000. The Lender provided a private money 1st trust deed of $3,57M priced at 8.30% interest only. The Lender sourced a 2nd trust deed with an established junior lender, and a private equity investor completed the capital stack with a 3rd trust deed. This private mortgage was funded in April 2014.

Irvine and Anaheim  -  $5,100,000  -  Private Money Cash Out Loan on 2 Investment Properties

property photo Lender: Jerry D.

$5.1M first trust deed cross-collateralizing a high-end home in Irvine and a 40-unit apartment building in Anaheim. The borrower is a foreign national with investments worldwide. He cashed out 60% equity on both of these properties to finance a business investment in Mexico. This transaction was brought to the lender by a broker working directly with the borrower. The broker collected a $102,000 commission at the close of escrow. The rate is 7.90% interest-only with no prepayment penalty on a 12-month term. This private mortgage was funded in January 2014.

Mission Viejo  -  $20,000  -  Small Hard Money 2nd for Primary Residence

Lender: Noelle W.

2nd mortgage to cash out equity on a primary residence worth $670K with a $535K 1st mortgage balance. The subject property is a 4-bedroom 3-bath home near Lake Mission Viejo. The property is owner-occupied. The borrower needed the funds for working capital in his automotive business. The lender was able to fund this loan 4 weeks after the initial inquiry. The interest rate is 25% for this 12-month bridge loan. The combined LTV is 83%. This private mortgage was funded in February 2014.

Laguna Beach  -  $1,300,000  -  Private Money Equity Cash Out on Rental Home

Lender: Larry P. property photo

This oceanview house was free and clear, vacant and on the market for sale. The lender's transitional loan provided business capital urgently required by the owner, a non-resident foreign national. Given the strength of the borrower and the 55% LTV, the lender was able to fund this bridge loan fast, at a competitive rate. The borrower has another home in Malibu on which the lender funded a private money loan.

Buena Park  -  $312,000  -  Hard Money 2nd, Equity Cash Out on Rental Home

Lender: Carl M.

The borrower purchased the home several months ago at $480,000 as a short sale with all cash, and secured the property way under market. Carl's private mortgage amounted to 65% of the purchase price (65% is typically the maximum loan-to-cost on private money loans). He charged 2 points and the rate is 10% with interest-only payments. The borrower plans to keep the home as a rental for now. This private money loan was funded in September 2013.

Buena Park is a city in northwestern Orange County, about 12 miles northwest of downtown Santa Ana.

Anaheim  -  $1,575,000  -  Cash Out Equity on Industrial Building

Lender: Larry P. property photo

The Borrower had to close on this cash out refinance in 1 week. Their bank had been processing a refi for over 60 days and the Borrowers were simply out of time; they needed deal certainty and an immediate closing to take advantage of a significant opportunity with a now looming deadline. The building had an appraised value of $2,950,000, the borrower had an 800 FICO Borrower and requested a 60% LTV loan on a fully leased industrial building.

Larry's team performed and completed the process: inspected the asset, vetted the sponsors, interviewed the tenant, reviewed the lease, verified submarket conditions and present value, confirmed the environmental findings, worked closely with title, and closed it to meet their deadline. No underwriting corners were cut and no due diligence stones were left unturned.

Newport Beach  -  $150,000  -  Hard Money 2nd, Equity Cash Out on Rental Home

Lender: Carl M.

The borrower needed the funds to improve the home and also to invest in another property acquisition. The estimated value of the home is $1,200,000 and the existing 1st balance is around $270,000 which set the combined LTV at only 35%. This is a no-brainer for most private lenders, although a lot of lenders don't even consider 2nd position. Carl has funded a number of 2nd private loans. The home is tenant-occupied and has a good cash flow. The interest rate on the 2nd is 10% with a 36-month term, interest-only payments. This private money loan was funded in August 2013.

Newport Beach is an affluent city in Orange County, California, 10 miles (16 km) south of downtown Santa Ana.

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